Training effect garmin vivoactive 4

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In this article we will see how to create workouts in Garmin Connect, both choose from the predefined plans available on the platform, and create our own fully customized.

Many will know Connect, it is the Garmin online platform where all the workouts and outings that users with Garmin devices perform, whether Forerunner GPS watches, Edge cycling terminals or any other Garmin sports gadget.

Obviously you don’t necessarily need a Garmin gadget to use Connect, creating an account is totally free. In my case I have a Garmin Forerunner 220 and a Forerunner 230, and I keep all my workouts synced with Garmin Connect through the smartphone app and its Bluetooth connection. At the same time, this tutorial is valid for any compatible Garmin watch (Forerunner and Fenix), and also for Garmin Edge cycling computers.

One of the great advantages of these smart watches is the ability to create personalized workouts and see them from the watch itself, so that it can guide us.

Training effect garmin vivoactive 4

Forerunner® 230/235 About Training Effect About Training Effect Training Effect measures the impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness. The Training Effect measurement is accumulated during the activity. As the activity continues, the Training Effect value increases, indicating how your fitness has improved with the activity. The Training Effect value is determined by the user’s profile information, heart rate, duration and intensity of the activity.

It is important to know that Training Effect values (1.0-5.0) may seem abnormally high during your first few runs. The device requires several activities to obtain information about your aerobic fitness.

It is important to know that the Training Effect values (1.0-5.0) may appear abnormally high during your first few runs. The device requires several activities to obtain information about your aerobic fitness.

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Now that we know how Garmin’s heart rate sensors work with their patented technology and have seen a list of the devices that have this, let’s focus on the different data we can get from these sensors.

Aside from having your heart rate data in real time that allows you to much better control the intensity with which you do your workouts, most Garmins now also give you the ability to monitor heart rate activity both during the day, as well as at night.You need to find a screen similar to the one above that will allow you to see this data. You are going to observe a graph with your resting heart rate data that is discovered at the time it was at its highest and lowest point. This information will be available to you for about four hours and a little over seven days (as shown in the image above).    When your resting heart rate is low it means that your physical condition is improving. For more demanding athletes, you can learn when to take a day off if your resting heart rate is 10 bpm above normal. This will tell you how much stress your body is under.Generally, athletes and people who are very serious about their training have a low heart rate that is between 40-60, for all other adults a heart rate between 60-100 is estimated. The vast majority of sports watches use your resting heart rate data along with your maximum heart rate to determine heart rate zones.

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These watches provide information on VO2 Max values, physiological age, and even new features that allow tracking the users’ state of hydration, breathing and concentration. One aspect that may be of interest to women is the fact that it allows to monitor the menstrual cycle, record all the symptoms and predict our fertility during the month.

Thanks to these new Garmin models you will be able to go out to train without a wallet or purse. Thanks to its Garmin Pay technology, you can make payments directly from your watch via contactless. Another of the positive aspects of this screen along with its variety of screens, applications and widgets that you will find in the Connect IQ app.